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Venezuela Real Estate Advisers for Foreigners

Are you not living in Venezuela and looking for a reliable real estate advisory agent? Look no further! We are here to provide you with the best advice and guidance on buying real estate in Venezuela. With years of experience in the Venezuelan real estate market and a vast network of contacts in the country,


We can help you find the perfect property and secure the best possible deal. We will ensure that you get the most out of your investment and take the hassle out of the buying process. Contact us now and let us help you make the most of the Venezuelan real estate market.

Aernoud from Amsterdam advises you in the process of buying real estate in Venezuela.

Find your ideal property in Venezuela with my dedicated team of independent advisors. We guarantee that our approach surpasses any other method you may have come across.

Experience the convenience of a comprehensive service that includes hand-picking the finest properties tailored to your preferences. We will take care of everything, from meticulous planning, arranging viewings, and skilful negotiations on your behalf. Most importantly, we provide invaluable legal support and guidance through complex governmental processes.

With our exceptional team by your side, rest assured that you will find the property of your dreams in Venezuela. Trust us to make your real estate journey a seamless and successful one.

"We are no real estate agent. But we know them all."

My name is Aernoud Florijn and I live in Amsterdam. In 2019 I bought my first property in Venezuela. While doing so I created the perfect team of (legal- and real estate) advisors and learned a lot about the legal possibilities to register your property in your name.


I am happy to offer these services to you to acquire the best properties available in the market. 

"Email me today, and we will have a chat tomorrow. Free of charge and non-binding"

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Our Mission

We understand more than anyone else, that when you don't live in this beautiful country, you might not feel comfortable in the buying process. 


It is our mission to provide our clients with the best advice and guidance on-site in Venezuela. In buying real estate, either for personal use or as an investment.


From an easy but safe airport transfer, to search upon your requirements, to legal advice on a forehand, or to accommodate you and arrange the guided viewings on-site or via a video call. Our team consist of advisors, drivers, security guards (where necessary) and your personal lawyer specialized in real estate that prevents you from a mistake in an early stage and makes sure you do not step into a pitfall.

"We recognize any pitfall in a very early stage." 

We are no real estate agents but we know them all and therefore can provide you with a fast-lane search.


No endless viewings of properties you are not interested in. Tell us what you want and we show you the best the market has to offer for you. We know the best apartments, houses and land. At almost any location from Valencia, Caracas, Tucacas, Lecheria and Isla Margarita and anything in between. And with a lawyer in your team, you buy in a secure process. 

We are your independent source for the best advice to find your dream property. Now is the best time to buy. Many investors already bought before you. A yearly ROI of more than 20% can be expected in the coming years.   

We guide you from the airport when you arrive to the airport again when you leave.


"Safe, secure and trustworthy is our promise." 

Meet part of our Team


Planning is key. Your legal necessities to buy like a business visa. What type of property, Meet the right persons and let us help to safeguard your limits.
Time is your worst enemy when it comes to selecting the best value for your money. We know the drill and make sure you find what you came for. 



Real Estate Agents just want to show it all to you. But let's talk about locations first. Tell us what you want and we tell you what location.

We even drive you there personally. 

Phase 2 is to decide what real estate agent to consult. No obligations and you always have us on your side for a piece of honest advice.

Our only gain is your satisfaction.




Don't get fooled. We know the rules and we know the best legal advisers on location, Proven quality and trustworthy professionals that take care of your business and protect you from any pitfall.

That is important especially when you are in a strange country.

But no worries. We will take care of you. 


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Video Impressions of viewings

My first apartment
Aernoud Florijn

My first apartment

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All Categories
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My first apartment

Furnished on a top floor

Viewing of newly built...

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Get in contact today for all information and find out what we can do for you. My name is Aernoud Florijn and I am your first point of contact. I live in the Netherlands and have been through all of the stages of buying property in Venezuela. 

125-C-81 Ave 90, Valencia 2001, Carabobo, Venezuela

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aernoud @

+3120 6254 254 Dutch Office Hours Only

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